Adobe Analytics Report Suite Configuration Course
learn best practices to set up a report suite in 2 days
as a professional with 9-years' experience
You will be able to create and configure a new report suite within 2 days even if today is your first day working with Adobe Analytics. The course consists of 31 videos and covers all settings of the report suite manager. In each video I explain the purpose of the setting, give you examples and share my best practices for configuration. It will take you about a day to watch all videos and another day to set up a report suite following the guidance.

This video course is especially recommended for analytics developers, architects and administrators.
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Video Course Structure
Create and Manage
01 Create New Report Suite
02 Make a Copy of Report Suite
03 Report Suite Manager

General Configuration
04 General Account Settings
05 Internal URL Filters
06 Custom Calendar
07 Paid Search Detection
08 Customize Menus
09 Bot Rules
10 Privacy Settings
11 Server-Side Forwarding
12 Processing Rules
Traffic Variables
13 Traffic Variables
14 Hierarchy Variables
15 Traffic Classifications

Conversion Variables
16 Success Events
17 Conversion Variables
18 List Variables
19 Conversion Classifications
20 Conversion Classification Hierarchies
21 Finding Methods
22 Unique Visitor Variable
23 Default Metrics
24 Activity Map
25 Real-time Reports
26 Traffic Management

27 Marketing Channels

Mobile and Video
28 Mobile Management
29 Video Management

30 AEM Assets
31 Adobe Campaign

Your Instructor — Andrey Osadchuk

Adobe certified expert
3 certificates: architect, developer, business practitioner
9 years of practical experience
with Adobe Analytics, Target, Audience Manager
100+ implementations
for B2C & B2B companies
Consult international companies
in variety of verticals: e-commerce, software, telecom, finance, FMCG
Speaker at web analytics conferences
like GoAnalytics, iMetrics, MeasureCamp
Led global online analytics at Kaspersky Lab
increased sales by 7 digit numbers
I conduct Adobe Analytics masterclasses
at leading web analytics conferences
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I watch the video course?
The course is hosted on to guarantee best video quality on any device. You will get invited to a group for Adobe Analytics students to watch the video lessons.
Can I ask you questions on report suite configuration?
You will get my personal email address and Skype to contact me should you have questions on report suite configuration.
How can I get consulting on Experience Cloud solutions?
Every student enrolled for the course gets 30 minutes of consulting on Adobe Experience Cloud free of charge. Just send a request to schedule a consulting session.
My students
IT Security Data Scientist, Docler Holding Luxembourg
I used to work mostly with Reports and Report Builder and wanted to learn Ad hoc analysis. I liked the practice focused training format and 1 to 1 approach that saved a lot of time compared to offline courses.
Head of Digital, Fleetcor
Building funnels in Workspace and segmenting clients based on their behavioural patterns appeared to be fun when you know how to do it :) I have done many exercises during these trainings and now can prepare a report in a matter of minutes. It was absolutely worth it.
Online Sales Manager, Kaspersky Lab
I asked Andrey to train me on Analytics Workspace to be able to monitor the performance of digital marketing campaigns on my own. After just a few trainings, I am now able to quickly build any type of data visualisation (reports) answering my questions.
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Get the course for only €249
A discount for the course can be received only by individuals working as employees for the companies using Adobe Analytics excluding agencies and Adobe partners implementing the solution for their clients.

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