yandex metrica

Key Terms and Definitions

differences with other Web Analytics platforms


Pageviews are registered when:
  • Site pages load including page refreshes that happens on the init method run (if the defer parameter isn't set to true)
  • AJAX site updates are detected by the hash parameter changing in the page URL
  • Data is sent using the hit method


Visit - a sequence of actions (activity) performed on the website by a single user (on a single tag).

The session ends when there is no activity for a certain amount of time. By default, this is 30 minutes. You can set a different amount of time using the session timeout option.

Referrals from advertising systems (such as Yandex.Direct and others) are always considered separate sessions. Even if a user clicked an ad repeatedly (or there were several of them from the same computer) before the session timed out, each of the clicks is a separate session.


A session is considered a Bounce if it meets all of the following criteria at once:
  • No more than one Pageview was registered during the Session
  • The Session length was less than the length set for bounce tracking (by default, 15 seconds, but can be adjusted inside the init method by setting the accurateTrackBounce parameter)
  • The nonBounce method was not fired


A user action (event) that the website owner is interested in: viewing a specific page, clicking a particular element, and so on. Consider goals onsite events. For more information about types of goals and how to configure them, see Goals and reachGoal.


An internet user who visited your website during a specific period of time. Yandex Metrica tracks users by anonymous browser IDs (ClientID) that are saved as cookies. Consider users site visitors.


User is referring to a site visitor that is identified with a ClientID (that's set for the browser automatically).

A session timeout is 30 minutes by default, but can be adjusted to last from 30 to 360 minutes (6 hours).
A new Session starts whenever a visitor comes from a referral belonging to an ad network.

A bounce is a single pageview session, by default. Although, a session consisted of a single pageview may not become a bounce - this depends on the tag configuration and on whether the nonBounce method was fired.

Yandex Metrica does not support events but Goals that can be used for the similar purpose.