Adobe Analytics Implementation

Get to know 3 major methods of Adobe Analytics Implementation. Implement with tag managers Adobe Launch or DTM, or without TMS by adding analytics tracking directly to the page.
Adobe Analytics implementation training includes:
1. Quick tutorial on setting up Analytics via Adobe Launch
2. Short overview on Analytics tool configuration in DTM
3. Overview of a legacy implementation method

The best practice is to use a tag management system for Adobe Analytics implementation. Adobe provides two options: Adobe Launch (the latest tag manager) and Dynamic Tag Management (DTM). You can use a third-party TMS like Tealium, Ensighten, Tag Commander and sometimes even Google Tag Manager GTM (not recommended).

If you start a new implementation, then the best option to go ahead with is Adobe Launch even if the other Adobe Analytics sites are managed through DTM.

Try to avoid an old school implementation method without a TMS as this may significantly impact the delivery time and may bring different obstacles while maintenance.

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