Site Traffic Analysis in Adobe Analytics Workspace

Online video training for beginners who want to become a pro in Adobe Analytics Workspace. Get to know how to build a project in Analysis Workspace for site traffic analysis.
Workspace training agenda:
1. Monthly trend line for the last 12 months.
2. Month over month comparison with a Bar chart visualisation. Three options to practice with.
3. MoM traffic change with a Summary Change visualisation.

After completing this tutorial you will be able to build a project/ dashboard in Adobe Analytics Workspace showing a site traffic overview.

1. Create a dashboard in Adobe Analytics Workspace with MoM traffic overview (similar to what was shown in the video)
2. Add a weekly analysis (last 4 or 12 full weeks trend, last 2 full weeks comparison, traffic change in %)
3. Add a daily analysis (last 30 days trend, last 2 full days comparison, traffic change in %)
You should have 9 visualisations in one panel.

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