Adobe Analytics vs Google Analytics comparison - Part 1

Want to know which analytics tool to choose? Watch a side-by-side comparison of Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst) and Google Analytics.

In this video you will see how both analytics tools look and what capabilities they provide for data analysis. It will help you understand their differences and benefits.
The comparison of Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics in this video episode covers:
1. Pages report — how the page names are reported, how to check the traffic volume on a certain page for a given time period.
2. Traffic trend — how to supplement table data with a trend line, how to look at the page traffic by day.
3. Traffic sources — how to look at the out of the box traffic channels the visitors came from to the page.
4. Devices — how to find out on which devices the page was viewed and how to intersect this with the traffic sources.

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