Page Names Uniqueness in Adobe Analytics

It is important to give each page a unique name that is easy to understand by all users of Adobe Analytics. Have a look at an implementation audit of Build a page naming convention for the website you are implementing Adobe Analytics on.
The Pages report (dimension) is one of the most frequently used in Adobe Analytics. Every page should be uniquely named so the analytics users will be able to easily identify it while working with the reporting values. Do not leave the pageName variable without a value as this will result in the page URL value stored instead (one page may have more than one corresponding URL value).

Below are a few questions that will help you build and validate an effective naming convention for the page names (s.pageName). If you answer YES on all of them, your page names rock!
1. Can I understand what this page is about?
2. Can I find this page on the site if I need to? Do I know where this page is located?
3. Do I know which website this page belongs to (in case a report suite accumulates data from more than one website)?
4. Can I differentiate the pages by locale (in case the site has many locales)?
5. Are the page name values written in the same language (in case the site has many locales)?
6. Is the page name value length less or equal to 100 bytes?
7. Can I apply a classification to group pages in buckets (website, locale, section, subsection, etc.)?

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